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Something’s Miss-ing

   I buy a lot of stuff online and when it came to filling in my details on a website the other day I found myself getting quite annoyed with it as, once again, politcal correctness had reared its ugly head.

   When it came to ticking the box asking for my title, it gave me three options: Mr. Mrs. or Ms. - So where is Miss? Miss is my tilte, and will remain my title even after I get married. I’ll never be a Mrs. and Ms. is just a horrible noise invented by stubbourn post-feminists.

   They say that you have to use Ms. in order to not disclose your marital status; but did it not occur to anyone that there is no law anywhere that states you have to change your name or title?! (in fact, you need a change of name deed to do so) You can stay a Miss, it sounds nicer for a start and contrary to popular belief does not give away your marital status.

   But back to the point. I resent being forced to declare myself a Ms. in the checkbox - I may have had more respect for the website had they not had an option for Mrs. - just Mr. and Ms. If someone is happy enough to change their title to Mrs. then surely I have the same right to remain a Miss?

   So, which box did I tick? Just call me Mr.

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